What is an apprenticeship?

It’s a job plus school all in one. An apprenticeship is a good way to prepare yourself for the future with on-the-job training in a highly skilled career. An apprenticeship is a paid job. Someone who is new to the field (the apprentice) learns the skills needed for the job. Apprentices are trained by master craftsmen who are experts in their field. They share their skills and knowledge to help the apprentice become an expert as well. In an apprenticeship program, you will earn income while combining classroom and on-the-job training. Programs typically last from three to six years. 

South Bay Consortium for Adult Education has apprenticeship opportunities in many types of industries.  Listed below are some apprenticeship programs:

Calling all women!  Join the new generation of skilled construction workers. Kick-start your construction career with the Trades Orientation Program.  All are welcome to participate. Click here to learn more. 

Talk to a Transition Specialist or use the Career Pathway Tool to get started!

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