Caring – Supportive – There for YOU

Learn more about why our Support Team loves to work with students to help them find the right opportunity through the right education path.

Kerry Martin, Transition Specialist
Silicon Valley Adult Education
760 Hillsdale Ave., Room 1 San Jose, CA 95136 
Web: metroed.net/SVAE
Email: kmartin@metroed.net
Phone: 408-723- 4257

“Working with such a diverse group of adult learners every day brings a new story. As a transition specialist helping students achieve their goals of higher education, vocational training and jobs, I see their determination and commitment, which is very hopeful and gratifying.”


Burr Guthrie, Program Coordinator
Campbell Adult & Community Education
1224 Del Mar Ave., Campbell, CA 95128
Web: cace.cuhsd.org
Email: bguthrie@cuhsd.org
Phone: 408-626- 3402 ext. 2602

“Working with adult learners gives me a sense of purpose and social justice to help marginalized populations with equity in educational opportunities. I love working with adult learners, particularly immigrants, for the cultural diversity and richness that their lives bring to our country.”

Sonya Espinola, Transition Specialist
East Side Adult Education
625 Educational Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95133
Web: adulteducation.esuhsd.org
Email: espinolas@esuhsd.org
Phone: 408-928- 9322

“I have been helping adults transition to work, school and vocational training for nine years. It brings so much joy to see adult learners set goals and pursue dreams they thought unimaginable. Small life changes can bring great outcomes and I am here to help.”

Patti Gairaud, Transition Specialist
Milpitas Unified School District – Milpitas Adult School
1331 East Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035
Web: musd.org
Email: pgairaud@musd.org
Phone: 408-635- 2692  ext 4552

“I’m honored to hold the position of Transition Specialist, in my role in guiding our adult students as they continue their journey toward a sustainable future for themselves and their families. Adult learners come to adult education for a variety of reasons: to learn English for a new or better job, get a high school diploma or GED, to help their children as they model lifelong learning, and to integrate into their communities. Every student is valued at Milpitas Adult Ed.”

Monica Sain, Transition Specialist
Mission College
3000 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054
Web: missioncollege.org
Email: Monica.Sain@missioncollege.edu
Phone: 408-855- 5503

As someone who’s always enjoyed helping students in a variety of capacities (since childhood!), from teaching English composition to providing academic advising and career guidance, being a Transition Specialist is my dream job! It’s so rewarding to help students follow their paths to improving their English, finding careers, or seeking further education.



Gail Yee, Transition Specialist (Career Technical Education)
Santa Clara Adult Education
1840 Benton St., Santa Clara, CA 95050
Web: santaclaraadulted.org
Email: gyee@scusd.net
Phone (408) 423-3512

“Being an instructor and transition specialist is very rewarding when you realize the impact you have in others’ lives. Knowing that you are helping people to reach their goals and their appreciation of your role, whether as a teacher, transition specialist, or friend, is very satisfying”

Lydia Chen – Adult Education Academic Counselor
West Valley College
14000 Fruitvale Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070
Web: westvalley.edu
Email: Lydia.Chen@westvalley.edu

“I feel extremely fortunate to be working with a group of adult learners. As a transition counselor, I provide comprehensive academic, career and personal counseling services to students transitioning from adult education. I enjoy helping adult learners to pursue their goals and overcome the obstacles along the way. I truly believe in education and West Valley College is a transformative place where one can change his or her life.”

Gina Riccitelli, Transition Specialist
San Jose City College,
2100 Moorpark Ave., GE 206 San Jose, CA 95128
Web: sjcc.edu
Evergreen Valley College
3095 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, CA 95135
Web: www.evc.edu
Email: gina.riccitelli@sjeccd.edu
Phone: 408-918-5142

“It’s a privilege and an honor to assist adults who want to grow and learn because everyone has unique strengths and valuable life experience. I love helping people pursue their goals and overcome individual challenges to become successful!”

Shana Carter, Senior Division Administrative Assistant Workforce Institute
600 S. Bascom Ave., Suite T-101
San Jose, CA 95128
Web: sjeccd.edu
Email: shana.carter@sjeccd.edu
Phone: 408-918- 5110

“I’m always happy to assist our consortium members and community partners with access to information and resources needed to serve adult learners in the South Bay.”

Vanessa Muñiz, Interim Director
SparkPoint San José
600 South Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128
Web: sjeccd.edu
Email: Vanessa.muniz@sjeccd.edu
Phone: 408-918- 5199

“My first professional job out of college was an ESL instructor, teaching adult learners conversational English. This was my first dose of working with adults and I became fascinated with their potential, but most importantly with their willpower to thrive in our society and be good role models to their families. I’ve always believed that it is never too late to improve circumstances and achieve prosperity!”